Friday, September 12, 2014

Restaurant Review: Tavern 42

Johnie and I are doing restaurant reviews
and we are having such a good time doing it.
Is there anything better than eating?
We think NOT!
But, when a restaurant review is done
all honesty has to be laid upon the table.
We have to be willing to take the bad with the good.
And we need to speak about all of it.
When we do a restaurant review we like to go from start to finish.
That means we do appetizer all the way to dessert.
We didn't make it to the dessert at Tavern 42.

We want to honestly share our experience.

We started with an appetizer. A chicken quesadilla.
Now we know it doesn't take long to throw together a quesadilla.....
We waited over thirty minutes for our appetizer.
We were just getting ready to get up to leave (35 minutes later)
when it arrived at the table.
We could tell that it had been sitting for a while.
The cheese was set and it was lukewarm. 

We ordered our main meal.
Johnie: Fried Chicken with Chorizo Gravy
Angie: An evening special, Cajun Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken

  As we were eating we discussed how we should NOT 
review this restaurant.
But like we mentioned earlier:
Performing a restaurant review has got be honest.
We really wish we could lie and say it was

Service was wonderful
We will go back again for sure

But we can't.

There were only a half a dozen customers in the whole entire place.
There was no excuse for cold food and slow kitchen to table reach.

We want to apologize for the bad pictures.
Half way through our meal we decided to go ahead with this review.
Share our honesty.
So our food is half eaten. 
We are very sorry.
The plated food presentation WAS fabulous.
 Johnie's meal was supposed to have chorizo gravy over
fried chicken breast on a bead of red skinned mashed potatoes.
There was absolutely no flavor to this meal.
Chorizo is suppose to have a spicy kick to it.
The so-called chorizo tasted like a bland unseasoned ground sausage.

Angie's meal..... 
It was supposed to be served with fettuccine noodles.
That looks like ziti to us.
When we seen the word "cajun" we automatically thought "spice".
Cajun seasonings are usually out-of-this-world fantastic.
We did not taste any hint of cajun.
(Angie had to salt her food and she is not normally a salter)
The grilled chicken was way over cooked and very dry.
And the garlic toast that was served with the meal......
There was not one taste of garlic.

We also dealt with an unwanted dinner guest.....
A fly!
It just would not leave us alone.
So through our whole meal we looked like silent ninjas.

Now, just because Johnie and I had a bad experience 
it doesn't mean that Tavern 42 is all bad.
If you visit their Facebook page you can clearly see 
that they provide excellent entertainment.
They provide a very nice bar area just off the dining room.

We decided to visit on a Sunday too.
Maybe the original chef was not working?
Maybe the manager was an assistant manager
that needs more training?
Maybe through the week specials are better than a Sunday special.
Don't ever trust a written review.
You will just have to go and review your own experiences.

See ya'all soon

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