Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baked Casing Dijon Franks & The Weekend

 Our weekend began on Thursday.
The Marion Popcorn Festival ran Sept. 4, 5, and 6.
It started off with a huge parade.
The Marion parade is known as the largest parade in Ohio.
It had over 200 units travel through the streets.
Yeah, I sat and watched for almost two hours.
I just love parades.
 One thing that Marion does is,
they have a float competition.
All the local businesses create a float to compete for trophies.
There is a theme every year that the businesses have to follow.
 The theme this year was "Pop Around The Clock".
Popcorn Festival......get it? HA!
 Hey, who is that guy on that float?
Johnie represented NCCI (North Central Correction Institute)
Johnie is a corrections officer,
and he is very good at what he does.
And that car on the float is not real.
It is made out of cardboard and foam.
I posted the picture on FB and everyone thought the car was real.
 Speaking of cars.....
Now this is my kind of car.
I'm kind of partial to the VW since I own a 1972 Super Beetle.
 The Popcorn Festival lasted three days
and each day they had a band perform.
Panama performed on Thursday night.
And the food carts at the festival.......TONS!!
I was in food cart heaven for three days.

Now let's dig into these awesome casing franks.....
 Have you ever had a casing frank that was baked?
Pretty fantastic!!
And to dress them up a bit I smeared them with dijon mustard
and rolled them in crushed salt & vinegar chips.
 These are my ingredients.
Just three.
And I'm sure this is very kid friendly......
 I smeared each frank with dijon mustard,
rolled them in the crushed chips,
and baked them at 375 degrees F 
for 20-25 minutes.
Go ahead.....
Take a huge bite!
And the fresh sliced jalapeno.....

See ya'all soon

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