Monday, August 8, 2016

Chocolate Banana Bread

This is one of the creations I left go way too long. 
I know I found my inspiration from Pinterest,
but I can't remember the changes I made to it.
I know I used sour cream instead of yogurt.
And my topping is just a little different.
But you can add any kind of topping you want to sweet bread.  
I'm not a big fan of banana bread.
But I do have to say, this one was very good.
My work crew loved it.
I will just give you the link so you can make it yourself.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Blueberry/banana Breakfast Cake

Are you one that likes something a little sweet with your coffee?
I'm a cookie dunker.
And my favorite cookie to dunk in coffee is oatmeal.

I had a partial container of blueberries that needed to be used quickly.
So I searched for a recipe using blueberries.
My inspiration came from this blog: Alexandra's Kitchen

I will list the changes I made to accommodate my ingredients on hand.
Or you can just use Alexandra's recipe.

I only had about 1 c. of blueberries so I added one mashed banana. I mashed the banana and added just a splash of lemon juice, and stirred in the blueberries.
I also didn't have any fresh lemon peel, so I used the dried California lemon peel found in the spice section at the grocery store. 
Other than the few changes I made everything is exact.
Oh and, I also sprinkled the amount of sugar on top to my liking. I do believe it was more than 1 TBS.
This is a very good moist cake.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Apple Fritter Cake

 Do you like those apple fritters from the bakery?
You know, the ones that are as big as your head,
and you can never eat a whole one?
They are so good, but I always pass them by because I don't want 
to be wasteful.
But anyway, this cake tastes exactly like those bakery apple fritters.
No joke!
I didn't sway from this recipe because I don't like to experiment much with
baked items. 
So I stuck to the exact directions.
I'm so glad I did. 
This cake is amazing. 
And you can cut the pieces any size you want.
So, instead of typing out the recipe I'm just going to give you the link
to take you to the original recipe.